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corporate space jayanagar, bangalore


Corporate Space

“Our Dedicated Corporate Space is great options if you’re looking for consistency and quality with a workspace. Our Work Space provides secure access so you can rest assured that you have a safe and comfortable environment to be productive. Enjoy the vibe of a traditional office with the benefits of all our amenities and community events.”


Director Space

“At SYNERGE, We do customization based on the professional needs and requirement of the managers, Since the Managers are the Leaders for leading the entire team in a successful path. We support those great leaders with all amenities and our range of services with affordable space to work and to grow business. ”

Director Space jayanagar, bangalore
start ups


Dedicated Start Up Space

“At SYNERGE, our customized workspace options can be adapted to all your professional needs. This is a great option for freelancers and start-ups with flexible schedules that are looking for an affordable space to work in. All comes with high-speed internet, printing services and more. This is where you can meet other Freelancers as well as Start-ups and learn so many things to develop yourself as well your Business.”

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