Wired / Wireless Internet

Business runs on Bandwidth. Our Associated partners ‘ Atria convergence technologies, Spectranet & Tata Teleservices ‘ support us in guaranteeing sufficient bandwidth for your operations to run as fast as our Internet.

Uninterrupted POWER

Business requires Zero Blackout. Our facility is 24/7 power back by Diesel Generator, Online UPS and Invertors. Our trusted partner ‘Vasu Battery technology’ are dedicated to provide round the clock service.

Guest Management

Given the fact that our Guests make swift judgments within fractions, we have a well planned Visitor Management System that our guests first impression is good one.

Office Keeping

Office Hygiene is our utmost priority. Our facility that is clean is also one that is odorless. Our Office reflects our overall values, as well as the values of our brand and business.

Print | Xerox | Scan Facility

Every business structure is, of course, different from any other businesses out there and the total elimination of office printers might not work. Hence, it's important our office has the ability to print hard copies for those clients who need documents.

Office Stationary

Business doesn’t stand still so your stationery should never be stationary! It might be something you never even think about until it’s not working or it’s missing, but you certainly notice it when you need it and it’s always at Synerge.

Hot & Roasted Coffee

The Coffee culture in the office is about more than kick-starting the working day and entering into your tasks fuelled by caffeine. Synerges’ humble cup of coffee may actually help to contribute to your overall happiness in the workplace.

Synerge Cafeteria

Our Office Canteen is about more than just fill in your stomach but your mind. Our canteen is the ultimate stress relievers for people in the office. Some of the best office ideas emerge in non-work places like the cafeteria.

Controlled Access

In this world where businesses must remain secure at all times, Access Control is eminently important part of our Office Space. At Synerge , Only those Employees, Visitors & personal approved by our clients can enter the building or a specific area of the business using RFID Access Cards.

Time & Attendance System

As Business grows, we need to remain in Control. At Synerge, we understand that our clients Workforce are vital to their growth. Our Time and attendance management system has significantly reduced payroll administration time and has made clients life much easier, significant savings in all areas are being generated with the tremendous efficiencies afforded by using the service.

Member Company Branding

Brand is an asset. We provide companies a chance to let customers see the business for who they really are. We present to the public a huge chunk of their business. The worth is just as much as revenue and sales.

Events & Activities

Synerges’ Culture is expressed through the Events & Activities organized at the workspace. Our Events boost happiness among members and sets a platform for every individual to network with each other.



24/7 Building Access

24/7 AC (Air conditioner)

IT Infrastructure Support

Electricity & Water Supply

24/7 Building Security

CCTV Surveillance


Complimentary Meeting room

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