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Open Hot Desk kalyan nagar

Open Hot Desk

“At Synerge WorkSpace its no longer just a fixed desk model - ‘hot desking’ is the new welcome note to return to the office. Synerge’s hot desking offers members a change in their day-to-day environment and being mobile. Provides a lot more flexibility over what their daily work environment looks like and feels like. People are no longer stuck to their desks.”

Shared Cabin Space

“The Shared Cabin Space at Synerge WorkSpace provides a growing entrepreneur the opportunities to Network with other Startup Founders. Provides a greater access to key players and opens limitless possibilities for collaborative efforts. Adapting to the Synerge Co-Cabin Space arrangement for your business can be more enjoyable and much more cost-effective.”

Shared Cabin Space
Best Co Working Space in kalyan nagar, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Cafe Co-Working

“S-cafe is designed to take the co-working culture to the next level. Offering a first-class coffee and a snack experience is the perfect way of combining the collaboration and communication. A Cool Café at Synerge WorkSpace, allows co-workers to network, chat and collaborate over a cup of tea and a quick bite. To make it more special S-cafe is supported with free and high speed Internet which is Mecca to the developers, consultants, students, freelancers & entrepreneur seeking a change of scenery and space to share a cup of Coffee.”

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