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Discussion Space - Conference & board Room Jayanagar, Bangalore

2-4 Seater

Discussion Space

“At Synerge, the Huddle rooms are designed for brief meetings, brainstorming sessions and other quick chats. This newer style of discussion space is increasingly popular over the past few years at our facility. Growing together with the demand for more flexible spaces in offices. Most meetings involve only a handful of people, the intimacy of the huddle room is more ideal.

Entrepreneurship is in the air at SYNERGE, and our Executive Discussion rooms make the perfect places for this vibe to rub off on you. As with all of our workspaces, this option comes with our full range of benefits and facility amenities.”

7 - 12 Seater

Conference Space

“Our Conference rooms are designed with video conferencing in mind. The Conference table and Chairs are arranged around Smart Television to accommodate remote workers.

Our meeting rooms include plug-and-play Smart TV for video conferencing to make the online experience in the meeting room as well as in-person conversations more effective and collaborative.”

Conference & board Room Kalyan Nagar, Jayanagar, Bangalore
Training room kalyan Nagar, Jayanagar, Bangalore

25 - 50 Seater

Training Space

“A great training environment can have a significant positive impact on employee morale and productivity. And that’s exactly what Synerge’s Training room aims at providing. Our design considers a sound color theory which has a great impact on how color affects people in a learning environment. Training rooms are designed with ambient lighting in mind as it does when computer screens are used during a training session.”

“At Synerge WorkSpace we understand Training rooms are much more than spaces where our members come to sit and learn, they are dynamic environments where people meet, learn, share ideas and collaborate. Hence the space is designed to accommodate a wide range of activities.”

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