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Synerge WorkSpace HSR Layout, Bengaluru is spread over 20,000 Sft. The Facility holds five levels of exclusive and premium Office/Workspace. HSR Layout, the HUB for creative Office Space which caters to a wide range of industries now has added Synerge WorkSpace to it. Synerge WorkSpace, HSR layout is designed to specially cater to the startups and enterprises looking at affordable office space solutions amides the rising operational cost and real-estate rentals. With a wide range of amenities such as high speed internet connectivity, creative discussion space, Terrace garden space for casual discussion, roasted coffee and exclusive varieties of TEA by Scaffe. Synerge WorkSpace, HSR layout stands apart by introducing a walkin café which opens the door to the dreamers, solo travelers, freelancers and the ones hunting a work shelter to accomplish their task. A roof top Lake view casual workspace and discussion area is a class apart. To experience the exclusive space contact our business team to steal your space.

Benefits choosing Synerge HSR Layout co-working space

Business Networking Opportunity: Synerge Coworking spaces provide small business owners and other workers a space to get work done, network and participate in their local business community. From meeting other business leaders to collaborating with new entrepreneurs, Synerge WorkSpace HSR Layout will be where people with varying business ideas can network and learn from the pioneers. Joining Synerge WorkSpace HSR Layout, means exploring a new opportunity and an introduction to a community of fresh and creative business professionals.
Productivity: For a start up owner working at home, it is easy to get distracted. Family needs attention, the home office requires investment to provide a working environment. Choosing a Hot desk Space or private cabin space @ Synerge WorkSpace HSR Layout, the business owner secures a “work mode” that can increase productivity and separates him or her from homely obstacles.
Business 24/7: Synerge WorkSpace HSR Layout, is a 24/7 open house for the business and startup owner to access at round the clock and live carefree of getting work done before the Sun and the Shutter goes down.
Reduce Operational Cost: Renting an office space at a premium location such as HSR Layout Bengaluru, will pinch an entrepreneur or the business owner of a startup company. Choosing Synerge WorkSpace HSR Layout will be a cost effective way to start your business and save the rental expenditure. Rather use the precious initial investment into products, skills etc to boost the business. Renting an office accompanies a host of extra costs such as free coffee and tea, employee engagement events and activities, front desk management, visitor management system and best of all is managing unskilled staff who are the core facility keeping team. As a startup and a business owner, the priority is business productivity and less labour management. At Synerge WorkSpace HSR Layout, business owners are rest assured their desk and the facility is sanitized and is in a ready to use condition as they step in. A complete managed office facility provides the business owners a perfect platform to leave the world behind and take their business forward.

Flexible Workspace
As a startup and business owner, thrive to grow. Growth comes with varies challenges such as setting up an initial small size startup workspace, accommodating additional space and infrastructure as business progresses, choosing a better location to show case to your investors and clients, investing in a new infrastructure to match the expansion and eventually loose on the prior start up office investment. Synerge WorkSpace HSR Layout, gives an opportunity to the startup owners to customize their office space as per their initial requirement and as they grow their office grows in size along with them. The need to relocate the business address or new infrastructure is eliminated as Synerge WorkSpace HSR Layout is apt location to present to the investors and to the clients. Also Synerge offers flexible office term to accommodate the startups expansion plans. From a short term of 3 months to as long as the client wishes to, Synerge holds them tight. To an enterprise owner who looks at a long term business location, Synerge WorkSpace HSR Layout will be the right choice as the business owner is provided with wide range of office terms and tariffs with the flexibility to choose the office design of his or her choice.

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